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It has been a long journey with which I am grateful to the Lord Jesus for allowing me to come this far alive, well and in my right mind. Most of my life, I have been blessed to lead many into the presence of God through Praise and most of all my favorite....Worship.

Over the last 2 decades I have written a lot of music and even performed in many venues, churches and events. However, it was not the time to release what God had given me as it was the season of development of my character, talent, and Spiritual growth in walking with the him. Now God has moved me into the season of reaping the Kingdom harvest of that which has been sown throughout the years. A harvest of souls coming to the Lord through powerful Word and Worship in music and song. The Power of deliverance and transformation that can only happen through a yielded vessel of honor that glorifies the name above all names. JESUS CHRIST! 

May you truly be blessed by that which was given to me from the Savior. 



                               -James Hardy

From the Artist

- Luis Torres - Christian Artist

- Rod Franco -Producer / Studio Engineer 

"James Hardy'album is amazing, touching and inspirational. He has such an amazing talent and has a great heart for serving Jesus. I recommend this album to everyone that loves God and who loves to worship his holy name"
"Working with James is a gift. Not only can he record a great track but also do tremendous background vocals doing complex harmonies"

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