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When I started working on my music in 2020 I was honestly afraid. I had finally stepped out on faith to do something that I loved to do and at the same time has never done before in this particular fashion. In that entire year 5 songs were created in silence and although it was hard to keep silence my obedience to God was being tested and I passed. 


Looking back in nearly 4 years I have come to understand that my calling was not to become a great Artist but a Psalmist telling testimonies  of God's Love and Compassion. I must admit that his next level has been challenging yet I believe God has given me the grace to face the unknown and trust in the course he has set for me. While there where many distractions, mistakes, disappointments and set backs God has continued to uphold and lift me up by his grace and press forward despite what has transpired behind me. 


I will say with true humility that I am worshipping much deeper than in times past. I still long to see the presence of God move like never before among his people. This will not be a one or two time thing. For His promises are true and He will perform the deliverance and transformation that can only happen through a yielded vessel of honor that glorifies the name above all names. JESUS CHRIST! 

May you truly be blessed and in everything give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you. 


                                               -James Hardy

From the Artist


- Luis Torres - Christian Artist

- Rod Franco -Producer / Studio Engineer 

"James Hardy'album is amazing, touching and inspirational. He has such an amazing talent and has a great heart for serving Jesus. I recommend this album to everyone that loves God and who loves to worship his holy name"
"Working with James is a gift. Not only can he record a great track but also do tremendous background vocals doing complex harmonies"

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